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Mirko J. Rodríguez

Technology & Data Solution Architect

I'm a Systems Engineer with more than fifteen years of experience on implementing Technology & Data based projects in different industries: finance, telecommunications, retail, etc.

About me:



Posgraduate Professor

Professor for the Master in Data Science Program

Course: Deep Learning for Image Processing

• Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
• Transfer Learning

• Object Recognition

• Image Segmentation

Course: Artificial Neural Networks applied to the Business

• Artificial Neural Networks fundamentals
• Gradient Descendent and Backpropagation
• FeedForward Neural Networks (FFNN)
• Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
• Self-Organizing Maps (SOM)

Course: Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

• Searching algorithms: BFS/DFS, A/A*, etc.
• Genetic Algorithm (GA)

• Fuzzy Logic (FL)
• Machine Learning Fundamental s (ML)
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Invited Professor

Professor for the Master in Biomedical Informatic


Area: Technology 4.0 in Healthcare

• Blockchain applied to the Healthcare sector.
• Data mining applied to the Healthcare sector


IBM Watson Trainer

• Provide basic understanding of AI technologies, practical knowledge of the core Watson APIs, and how applications can integrate these services.
• Fundamentals of creating, configuring, and training the Watson cognitive services on the IBM Cloud.
• Training for IBM Certified Application Developer - Watson V3.



Doctor's Degree

Doctor of Science in Systems Engineering. (In progress)

Research area: 

Complex Systems

Intelligent Systems

Applied Artificial Intelligence


Master's Degree

MBA, International Business & General Management.

Beta-Gamma-Sigma international honor society alumni. The Netherlands, Europe 2014.


Bachellor's Degree

Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering.

Thesis titled:

"A forecasting model for Peruvian Stock Market based on Artificial Neural Networks".

Focused on research in Artificial Intelligence (AI).



Enterprise Architecture

Software Architecture

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Architecture

Big Data Architecture

Deep Learning